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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Perfect Day?

Yesterday, Drew and I grabbed a handful of tie-downs, hopped into "Jessee", our well-worn '98 Chevy Shop Truck, and headed South to the New Braunfels Swap Meet, determined to find treasures. The weather was perfect and the wildflowers were out in force, one of the spectacular things about this time of year in Central Texas. But I must confess it was the company that made it a perfect day. Drew, who has just acquired his learner's permit handled the 45 mile drive while I gave him pointers. As we drove, we talked about school, life, exchanged a couple off-color jokes and just plain enjoyed the ride. Arriving right as the show opened, we immediately started scouring the grounds for parts for his '67 Impala, my Model A or Model T hot rod projects, or anything we could pop on one of out favorite blogs and make an honest profit on. I just love the smell of good old-fashioned horse trading. As Drew and I walked among the rows of rusty junk, I was struck by what a fine young man we had raised. Honest, respectful, funny and ready to engage in conversation with any old timer with an interesting story to tell. I also noticed something els. Any part that an old timer was trying to get forty for a part dropped his price to twenty-five after Drew took the  interest in it and the story that invariably came with it. Not only that, every purchase Drew made came with extra stuff. And it made me realize that there's a code among people who love cars. Any kid who shows genuine interest in carrying on the tradition and treats those around him with respect,  gets the righteous "pay it forward" treatment.

I watched it play out over and over again throughout the course of the day, and as we packed up and secured our bounty in the bed of the pickup, I counted my lucky stars to have this time with my son. Some day, after the finer details of our day spent together have begun to fade, I'll have to thank him for being a large part of what made this day. Yep, it was perfect.

Below and to the right is a little yard art we dragged home to surprise the Debbie, proving that there really is something for everyone at the New Braunfels Swap Meet. Just ask my wife.

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